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« L’architecte primé Piers Taylor et l’actrice et adepte d’immobilier Caroline Quentin ratissent le globe afin de visiter de magnifiques maisons qui défient les normes. »




« En Nouvelle-Zélande, en Suisse, aux Etats-Unis et dans d’autres régions du monde, l’architecte Piers Taylor et l’actrice populaire Caroline Quentin partent à la découverte des maisons les plus impressionnantes du monde ! Des bâtiments tous très impressionnants, tout en préservant à leur manière l’environnement qui les entoure. D’une maison en pleine forêt dont les formes s’adaptent à la présence des arbres à la manière d’un contorsionniste à une autre qui n’est accessible qu’après un quart d’heure de téléphérique, en passant par celle qui relève les défis de l’attractivité en flanc de falaise, chacune d’entre elles s’intègre parfaitement à la situation insolite dans laquelle elle se trouve. [] » 




« […] The houses on The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes are truly extraordinary inside and out. This is where you go to see houses that make you think, “Well, obviously that’s not a house, that’s a crashed UFO embedded in mountain and covered with hundreds of years of overgrowth.” There are minimalist homes made completely out of steel, houses shaped like a big ol’ doughnut, and homes that look like knocked over Jenga towers. It’s truly wild. 


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is mainly concerned with the architectural feats accomplished that allow homes to be built in truly phenomenal locations and in absolutely bewildering shapes. The architects are credited and interviewed for every home, and the actual people that live in the home kinda come second.


Taylor brings the facts to back up his gut reactions to these elaborate, borderline overwhelming living spaces. Quentin, on the other hands, stands in for the audience by cracking pleasant jokes, trying out every quirky amenity, and jumping into every single pool in every house (sometimes there are multiple).


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes has a mix of reverence and irreverence that, well, makes it feel very British. If you want to hang out with two delightful hosts with super different backgrounds as they wander through homes that look like they could come out of movies ranging from Zardoz to Star Trek, this one’s for you. With its runtime, calm pace, and exquisite subject matter, this one’s a much more patient and leisurely stream.

[] » 




« It becomes increasingly clear during The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (BBC2) that I am not living my best life. Where, for instance, is my vision? Where are my dreams? Where, above all, is my house made out of the repurposed wings and tailfin of a Boeing 747 and nestling, in all its effortful whimsicality, in the Santa Monica mountains and providing me with sea views throughout?

Said aeronautical pile belonged to Francie, a retired Mercedes-Benz dealer. It looked ridiculous – the Boeing’s wings sat atop a glass and concrete building and screamed: “Look at us! Are we cute enough to kiss or WHAT?” It also cost millions upon millions of dollars (which reminds me – where are my millions?) and required clearance by 17 authorities and the closing of five freeways and a highway patrol escort during construction. But Francie and her architect seem happy.

“Actor and passionate property developer” Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor present. She does the feelings, he does the facts. Their conversation goes roughly like this:

CQ (gazing round the wood-panelled/poured-concrete/rammed-earth house): “It’s beautiful!”

PT (pointing up): “Sun comes in here. And here. It makes it light.”

CQ: “It’s so lovely!”

PT (pointing down): “This is a floor. Otherwise your feet would have nowhere to go, and that is what we would call Bad Architecture.”

I enjoyed it very much. It’s moving wallpaper, basically. Beautiful homes merging perfectly with beautiful landscapes, put together by people with enough style, money and talent to do it properly. Grand Designs on a grander scale – and after the hard bit’s been done and the mess tidied away. I did enjoy Karen and Dave – who had his dream eco-friendly home built deep in the Arizona desert. He reminisced fondly outside with Piers about only having to replant three cacti while, inside, Karen told Caroline how close she came to killing him during the build. She has a look about her that suggests she is still rarely more than one cracked bathroom tile away from doing so.

Home is where the willingness to endure your spouse is. If you’re lucky, you get a nice view while you do it. »

Lucy Mangan.





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