K(anye) K(anye) K(anye)

« All Day » is a song by American rapper Kanye West. It features American rapper Theophilus London, Canadian rapper Allan Kingdom, and English musician Paul McCartney. The song was produced by West and ten others. Having initially leaked in August 2014 after being announced for release as a single by West, he premiered the song on March 2, 2015 via Power 106 and Hot 97. The following day, it was released for digital download and streaming as a standalone single, through GOOD Music and Def Jam. The song contains a re-recorded sample of « When the Wind is Blowing » by Paul McCartney and Wings (known to fans as « Two Fingers ») and an interpolation from « Dance with Me » by Jamaican singer Noel Ellis. It includes elements of industrial and drill music, alongside synthesizers

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